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This is the first video on the Demystifying Derivatives course and it's free to view. It explains what futures, forwards and swaps are.

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If you liked the first video that introduces futures, forwards and swaps, why not learn more about derivatives by purchasing the full course that will give you access to two hours of videos and summary notes that together provide a solid introduction to the complex world of derivatives. And to ensure you understand and can apply the concepts, you'll be able to test your knowledge by completing the quiz after studying each module.
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The Demystifying Derivatives course is made up of 3 modules:

  • Futures, forwards and swaps
  • Options
  • Uses of Derivatives

What does the course cover?

The Demystifying Derivatives course provides a great introduction to the complex world of derivatives. The course will:

  • Teach you the terms, definitions and concepts of futures, forwards and swaps
  • Help you to understand the uses of futures and forwards
  • Allow you to determine if the price of the instrument is fair
  • Explain how a simplified futures exchange works
  • Explore gold, equity and interest rate swaps
  • Show you how to price interest rate swaps and options
  • Explain how derivative instruments are bought and sold
  • Explain linear instrument cash flows
  • Teach you the difference between purchasing an option and the actual asset
  • Explain the difference between selling an option and the actual asset
  • Provide you with an insight into the theory of option prices and futures margins
  • Show you how to measure the risk of an option
  • Explain when derivatives might be used:
    • by different job functions
    • in volatile markets
    • if interest rates are expected to change when buying and selling stocks reduce risk without reducing opportunity

How long will I have access to the course?

After purchasing the course, you have 45 days to view the videos as many times as you like in each module.

The 45 day count down only starts from the first time you click on the video after purchasing.

You are also able to re-do the quiz as many times as you wish during the 45 days.


Cost: £195.00 + VAT (where applicable)

Free to view

Video: Definitions - Futures, forwards and swaps

Length: 5 min 40sec

Trainer: John O'Connell

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